Man Up

Finalist in the Imbewu SCrIBE Scriptwriting Competition, Cape Town, 2016

A story about life, masculinity and how it is being embodied in men today. 'Man Up' is brought to life by hilarious physical characters, anecdotal memories and tales of one man's bittersweet success as a South African street workout champion. What does it mean to be a 'man' in 2017?

A young athlete, Brian Mitchell, visits his gym late one night, alone. We witness feats of his strength and his biggest weaknesses. He finds himself searching for answers in a world that is leaving him behind, a world where strength is not what it used to be. We see Brian struggling with an overpowering desperation to avoid being seen as weak as he pushes his body to its physical limits on stage. He wrestles with questions of masculinity and emotion in an attempt to discover why he’s back in this gym on this particular night. Brian tells us stories about the interesting characters he's met in his gym, his sports matches in high school, his crazy experiences with girls and how his friends and family have been involved in turning him into the athlete and man he is now. Man Up unpacks the social dynamics of the gym culture: Where does the gym culture fit into normal life, and why does it seem like a totally different world?

Written & Performed by:

Mark Tatham


Daniel Geddes

Stage Manager/Assistant Director:

Devon Welmers

Performance Venues:

PopArt, Maboneng - August 2017

Lier Theatre, Tuks - September 2017

Redhill Auditorium, RedFest - September 2017