Fishing The Cave

A double bill of comedic one-man shows created during Liquid Fusion's artistic residency at The Freezer in Iceland.



The Freezer Theatre, Iceland - March 2016



Francois 'the Catcher' de Villiers epitomises local legend in a small coastal town in South Africa. He has developed a transcendent reputation for being the town's best fisherman. But he has standards, and a very specific definition of 'fishing'. Francois doesn't fish for fish, he fishes for woman - any he can get his hands on. Armed only with his wit, knack for story-telling, and less-than-desirable side-kick, Willie van Staden, Francois crawls the pubs in hope of the perfect catch. But there's more in store for this mischievous womanizer than he's ever bargained for before...


Written & Performed by:

Daniel Geddes


Lighting operator:

Kari Vidarsson



A mime-based physical theatre piece that follows a young man's journey through the wilderness. He finds himself in a dark and gloomy place far from civilisation and has to find a way to get back home. In his new world, he has to fight to survive and endures numerous challenges including the quest for food, water and warmth. He meets an interesting friend or two and learns the value of true generosity from a pair of unexpected pals.


Created & Performed by:

Mark Tatham


Lighting operator:

Kari Vidarsson