Winner of a STANDARD BANK OVATION AWARD at the National Arts Festival, Grahamstown, 2016.

Humanity is the Earth’s most intimate friend. Burn explores the tense relationship between Earth and Man, and how the two hold each other ransom. A full-length duet, strong, powerful and explosive, Burn is a fierce dance work that tests the limits of the human body.


Bailey Snyman



Daniel Geddes

Mark Tatham


Original Music Score:

Daniel Geddes

Performance Venues:

Masker Theatre, University of Pretoria - November 2015

The Freezer Theatre, Iceland - March 2016

Bergen Dance Centre, Norway - March 2016

Akropoditi Dance Centre, Syros, Greece - March 2016

National Arts Festival, Grahamstown - July 2016 (Ovation Award)

Wits 969 Festival, Johannesburg - July 2016

Paris Fringe Festival, France - May 2017

National Arts Festival, Grahamstown - July 2017

Wits 969 Festival, Johannesburg - July 2017

Various South African Schools - 2016-2017



1. Robyn Sassen - 'Incendiary, devastating subtlety':


2. Jessica White - 'Touched by a Flame':


(The article is on Page 17 of this document, 'Touched by a Flame' by Jessica White)


Director's Note:

Man vs Man…Man vs Earth…Man vs Fire…


The unknown future rolls towards us. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves. We will wake up one day and the world will be on fire. We will not see it coming and we will not be able to stop it.


Fire exists as a duality of life and death, it nurtures and threatens. Inspired in part by ‘Fire on the Mountain’ by Arthur Golding fire represents a tool that separates humankind from the animals and represents both savagery and hope.


Choreographed and Directed by Matchbox Theatre Collective’s Bailey Snyman and performed by Liquid Fusion’s Mark Tatham and Daniel Geddes, BURN chronicles man’s relationship with Mother Earth. BURN is an epic tale told through dance about man’s discovery of the world he inhabits and the consequences of his unprecedented failure to preserve this relationship.


BURN walks the tenuous line between past, present and future of our collective history with fire and results in an explosive conclusion that comments on the visible effects of our inability to preserve our precious resources.


Fresh from performances in Iceland, Norway and Greece BURN exhilarates with relentless choreography as two men navigate the creation myth, the art of war and the desolation of post-apocalyptic destruction.


BURN’s original soundtrack composed by Geddes and edited by Snyman is a haunting exploration of fire and an emotional tribute to this planet we call home.


Music, bodies and choreography collude in a life that becomes a race with the fire.