Liquid Fusion is a fresh, young South African theatre company based in Johannesburg.

At the helm are two Wits University graduates, Daniel Geddes and Mark Tatham. Daniel and Mark met in their first year of studies but did not work together until 2013, when they were paired up to create a dance duet for a Physical Theatre exam. The piece they created, Burn, was a great success. It was during this process that they discovered they had a rare chemistry on stage. They got talking about the possibility of starting a theatre company and by the beginning of 2014 Liquid Fusion was formed.

The name 'Liquid Fusion' reflects the company's aims to stay fluid and keep up with the ever-changing South African entertainment industry, whilst bringing people together through theatre that unites artists and audiences from all parts of the country.

In 2014, their honours year at Wits, Daniel and Mark performed in and directed Liquid Fusion's debut production, Ira, alongside fellow students Linda Mdena and Oupa Sibeko. The production enjoyed successful runs in Grahamstown and elsewhere as it went on to win the award for 'Best Physical Theatre Production' at the Krekvars Student Arts Festival and then 'Best piece of Creative Work' at Wits University. The momentum from Ira continued in 2015 with Naked Knitting & Other Contradictory Acts directed by Greg Homann, Pilcrow directed by Mwenya Kabwe, and Ira and Other Compositions, an evening of original music composed and performed by Daniel.

Their journey came full circle in late 2015 when they revived their very first piece together. Burn was developed and extended into a full-length dance production under the direction of Bailey Snyman. It premiered during their artistic residency at The Freezer Theatre in Iceland in March 2016, before moving on to performances in Norway and Greece. It continued with a run at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in July where it won a prestigious Standard Bank Ovation Award.


Liquid Fusion continues to strive for excellence through all forms of theatre including dance, performance, physical theatre and music.




To create innovative and diverse theatre of exceptional quality.




To be known as the finest theatre makers in South Africa.





DANIEL GEDDES is an actor, singer, dancer, physical theatre performer, musician and composer, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He completed his Honours degree in Dramatic Arts at Wits University in 2014, majoring in Writing Studies, Musical Theatre and Physical Theatre. 


He is currently the co-owner and creative director of a theatre production collective called Liquid Fusion. The company has won several awards, including a Standard Bank Ovation Award for its latest production, Burn choreographed by Bailey Snyman. At the beginning of 2016, the company completed a residency at the Freezer Theatre in Iceland, where the production debuted. It has since gone on to tour in Norway, Greece, and France.

In his personal capacity, Daniel has appeared in several theatre productions, working with celebrated South African theatre-makers Greg Homann (Naked Knitting and Other Contradictory Acts), Sylvaine Strike (Devil's Wood), and Jade Bowers (Clora) to name a few. He has also written plays that have appeared at the National Arts Festival and in Cape Town.

As a musician and composer, he has composed and performed the music for several theatre productions and dance works, including Burn, and most recently Black (Dir. Jade Bowers). In 2015 he was employed as Associate Musical Director at the University of Johannesburg Arts Centre. He currently works by session as a vocal coach alongside Cathrine Hopkins at Vocal Coach SA. He composed the music for the wildlife web series, the Bundu Basher, which released in February 2017.

Website: danielgeddes.com

Instagram: @danielkeithgeddes

Daniel Geddes - LEADS Actor Profile

Daniel Geddes - Acting Showreel


MARK TATHAM is a South African actor, dancer, singer, director, writer, producer and choreographer. He is co-founder and artistic director of Liquid Fusion. He completed his Honours degree in Dramatic Arts at Wits University in South Africa in 2014, majoring in Performance Studies, Musical Theatre and Physical Theatre.

Mark is currently playing the role of 'Ed', the hyena, in Disney's 'The Lion King' on the International Tour, which opened in the Philippines in 2018.

He played the role of 'Jiminy Cricket' in Janice Honeyman’s pantomime 'Pinocchio' in 2018, a performance for which he won 'Best Supporting Actor in a Musical' in the SA Theatre Magazine Awards as well as a nomination for 'Best Supporting Performance in a Musical' in the Naledi Theatre Awards.

He has performed with South Africa's National Children’s Theatre as 'Bunce' in 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' in 2020, as well as 'Khokho’s Treasure', a production that received the Naledi Theatre Award for ‘Best Children's Production’ in 2017.

His writing credits include 'Man Up', which was placed in the Top 4 of the Imbewu Scriptwriting Competition, 2016. He then went on to perform the show in various venues around Johannesburg in late 2017.

He has produced two short films: 'Embers' and 'Ash' and is the producer and presenter of a wildlife web series called 'The Bundu Basher'. The Bundu Basher channel has generated over 380K views.

In 2016 he completed an artistic residency at The Freezer Theatre in Iceland and Akropoditi Dance Centre in Greece where he created and performed in Liquid Fusion productions including 'Burn', directed by Bailey Snyman. 'Burn' went on to win a Standard Bank Ovation Award at the National Arts Festival in 2016. It returned to the festival in 2017 for a successful return run before continuing on to Wits 969 and other venues again throughout the same year. The show continued to tour South Africa until late 2017.

In 2015 he produced and performed in two Liquid Fusion productions: 'Pilcrow', directed by Mwenya Kabwe, and 'Naked Knitting & Other Contradictory Acts', directed by Greg Homann. Both productions ran at South Africa's National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.

In 2014 Mark co-directed and performed in 'Ira' which won ‘Best Physical Theatre Production’ at the Krekvars Arts Festival in Pretoria and the Leon Gluckman Award at Wits University for ‘The Best Piece of Creative Work'.

He has run workshops and taught theatre in numerous schools and universities around South Africa, Europe and Asia.

Agent: Elysian Management

Instagram: @marktatham

Tik Tok: @marktatham

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